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Saturday, August 14, 2010


Many people considered me lucky for getting my hometown for my first posting. A lot of Kelantanese out there were dying to get posted to Kelantan. In contrast, I was the lucky one who got my very hometown as my first posting.

I should be lucky considering the fact that not many people are blessed with the opportunity to work so close to their hometown. Many of us, beginning teachers were not so lucky with our first posting. Some were sent to god forsaken places. However, despite that fact, we, the newbie, pledge our dedication to be a good teacher, regardless of where we are stationed.

Before this, I was travelling to southern Malaysia to get my teachers’ training degree. It has been a long 6 years, studying the methodology and pedagogy as well as psychology to be a good teacher. I was lucky since I had the opportunity to be given the guidance from many capable and approachable lecturers who taught us that when we give a little bit of ourselves as a teacher, we get back the reward in bundles.

The one thing that I am afraid of is not being a good enough teacher to my students. I believe every student in the classroom has the potential to learn, not to mention, the right for an education. We live in Malaysia, where education is emphasized so much. To me, education is the basic for humanity. Through education, formal or informal, a human being will hopefully be born, a human being with inner vision and outer attitude to gear the country towards the developed status we are so craving for.

Being a teacher is a big responsibility. All the students are wide-eyed for our guidance and wisdom to make them go through a meaningful life. What a big job on my shoulder. Wonder whether I am going to do a good job. Hopefully I will. I am not asking to be liked. I am not asking for recognition. All I am asking for is my students to be a good human being, compassionate and having enough conscience to be able to differ from good and bad. It is a hard task, but not impossible. I am not asking to be a role model for my students. I am asking them to have their own identity and know who they are as a person. And as a teacher, no matter who they will become, I will try to support them and be there for them as long as I am still alive.

They say being a teacher is to sacrifice for your students. Live for others. And put others’ importance above yourself. Am I ready for that? Yes I am. It’s been a long way from home. Now I am back, to serve my students and my school. Guess it’s time for me to come back home, now.