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Saturday, November 4, 2017


They were looking for me once I arrived at school after sending off Tasya, Nisa and Shahira from 5K to Sri Bayu Melawi Chalet for Kem GALUS.

Hambali was shy to represent them to apologize and ask for blessing before they sit for SPM tomorrow.

Hopefully, they'll become successful in this world and in the hereafter. InsyaAllah!

Kem GALUS 5A, 5K, 5PVMA_051117

It's at the same place where we held the first camp for 5S, 5C and 5MPT; Sri Bayu Melawi Chalet.

Majlis Restu Ilmu SPM_051117

Thursday, November 2, 2017

Annual Dinner_021117

As usual, I'm among the earliest to come. Time is gold.