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Monday, July 29, 2013

Chain Writing Activity 5 Kualiti_300713

As part of the technique to answer English 111/9 paper for essay writing, I have taken the iniative to introduce the activity of Chain Writing for 5 Kualiti. After all, they say many hands make lighter work!

The topic of the day was formal letter to complain about bad condition of the park in the neighborhood.

The method for chain writing is whoever get the marker has to write the next sentence to complete the formal letter. Overall, the students took it well as they didn't give any excuse when they received the marker. 

Hopefully, they'll learn something from the fun activity!

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

SPM Soon to be Leavers

Soon, the form 5 students will be sitting for their SPM examination. The application for matriculation has already been advertised and students can start filling up the form online.

Of all 3 form five classes than I've been teaching this year, 5 Cemerlang would be the one that I'm going to miss the most. This is because our relationship started since we were in 2012 when I was their class teacher when they were in 4 Cemerlang. 

Hopefully, all of them would have their happy ending comes SPM 2013 result being announced. All the best, boys and girls!

Saturday, July 20, 2013

LDP: PBS@Bilik Mesyuarat Wawasan_210713

PBS- Began in 2012, hence students from Standard 6 in 2012, are now in Form 1 in 2013. Similarly, students in Form 1 are in Form 2 now in 2013. There are 6 bands to gauge students’ overall achievement in school.

Subject teachers are the ones responsible to carry out PBS for every students. The rationale is only the teacher knows the students’ level of ability in said subjects.

PBS comprises of both academic and non-academic matters. There are two levels; school-based and LPM-based.

School-based evaluation includes formative and summative evaluations.

Formative Evaluation: students have to be present to school everyday in order not to be left out of PBS evaluation. Those who are not up to par (up to a certain band) have to be given intervention classes. The evaluation will be carried out all year long. The evidence of students’ works are varied.

Summative Evaluation: carried out at the end of the topic, i.e: after a school semester has ended, teachers would have to ascertain how much students understand of the topic learned previously.

As for the LPM based evaluation, it refers to nationwide assessment. The forms of the assessment are not determined yet, but most probably it will be in the form of coursework. The official result will be produced by LPM. This is to replace PMR next year.

There are short-term and long-term assessment. One week for short-term assessment and three weeks for long-term assessment.

Parents can come to school and inquire about their children's current achievement.

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Oxford Language Centre KB Graduation Ceremony_070713

At last, after six weeks of weekend classes, both PMR and SPM students who were chosen for OLC programme graduated this morning.

The programme which was one of the events under English Tutelage Programme between SMK Kandis and OLC KB.

We were honored to be visited by the founder and president of OLC KB, Dr Wan Abdul Rahman B Wan Abas, accompanied by other OLC lecturers.

The event was a success in motivating the students to experience wearing graduation robes and mortar boards while receiving their certificates from Dr Wan Abdul Rahman B Wan Abas.

Kudos to the both of the MC, Nur Syahira Sudin and Muslim Norizan from 5 Cemerlang and Mohd Iruan Ab Kadir Zailani from 5 Science for the prayer. Not forgetting drama groups from form 5, Five Knights and most of the students from 3 Super. Congratulations to all students who graduated, especially to Best Students for SPM category, Siti Rohaila Sukri, Mohd Iruan Ab Kadir Zailani (5 Science) and Nur Syahira Sudin (5 Cemerlang). For PMR category, the Best Students Award was awarded to Mohd Asrol Kamaruddin, Ainul Shazmira Rahmat and Farah Ayumira Azami from 3 Super.

Hopefully, this won't be the last graduation ceremony for the students of SMK Kandis!

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Rehearsal_Oxford Language Ceremony

The OLC class is finally coming to an end, hopefully on this Saturday, July 6th. As the tradition practiced at OLC, a graduation ceremony will be held to award certificates for those who have completed the six-week course.

In SMK Kandis, the value of education is highly regarded and the teachers have been working really hard to make students open their hearts and minds to knowledge.

To motivate other students to emulate the perseverance and commitment shown by OLC students, a graduation ceremony has been planned to be carried out this coming Sunday though the date is still tentative.

There are of course presentations by both PMR and SPM students. Drama presentation is the genre chosen by both groups of students. And being an English teacher myself, these drama preparations are a very good way in building self-confidence and cultivating budding talents that these students possessed, which would be buried if not uncovered at this early age.

Hopefully, the students have fun and at the same time, learn to believe in their own self-ability to do anything they dream of!