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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

LDP iTHINK_250215

As usual, we organise iTHINK programme anually. As one of the schools selected in phase 1 of the overall implementation of the iTHINK Programme in Malaysia, we strive to adhere to MOE and its intention in introducing the said programme to primary and secondary schools.

Today, once again for the third year, we sat down to listen to what iTHINK is all about. Hopefully, the teachers attending will benefit further from the LDP.

Rehearsal Eksplorasi iTHINK

Under the 5P Programme, we have to organize Eksplorasi iTHINK for the students.

Thus, Madam Haslina and yours truly, Miss Bahira, gathered 8 students from 5 Science and another 8 from 4MPT. They'll he garnering help from other iTHINK teachers; Sir Rahmat, Madam Azitawati and Miss Koo Siu Lee.

We'll be presenting next Monday, March 2nd. Wish us luck.