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Sunday, January 24, 2016


It's a success!

LDP i-THINK_240116

It's a tradition to have LDP i-THINK every year so as to refresh the knowledge about the 8 thinking maps among teachers and to introduce those maps to new teachers.

I think the photos speak for themselves!

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Rehearsal Eksplorasi i-THINK_240116

As usual, we employ the service of Young Teachers for Eksplorasi i-THINK tomorrow under 5P Programme.

The Young Teachers involved are:

1. Nasrul Izzat and Akmal from 5MPV (Circle Map)

2. Haswaniza and Fatihah from 2T1 (Bubble Map)

3. Tg Naziha and Fatimah from 5MPT (Double Bubble Map)

4. Ashraf and Iman from 4S (Brace Map)

5. Zaleha and Akmadiana from 5MPT (Tree Map)

6. Ku Akram and Izzat Amir from 5S (Flow Map)

7. Aima and Fara Adila from 4S (Multi Flow Map)

8. Aisyah and Khairun Nazwa from 5S (Bridge Map)

Not forgetting Zulfazli and Shafiq Amirul from 5MPV who will begin the presentation tomorrow.